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1 December, 2016

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When Chess Heroes begins, the King's army has mysteriously vanished. The player rebuilds the army, piece by piece, learning how to play chess along the way. Each battle is a chess puzzle that teaches an element of the game, using modern game design techniques to help players discover this knowledge on their own. Chess Heroes features a fun story told through animated sequences with a jolly narrator, an extensive series of challenges that sharpen player skills, and a vibrant chess kingdom brought to life with chess pieces that are full of character. Ultimately, Chess Heroes is about making it easy and entertaining for kids and adults to learn how to play chess.


Chess Heroes started life in 2013 as a design experiment by Ted Brown, a solo developer. By pulling in mechanics from RPGs and tabletop games, he was able to create an interesting gameplay arc, and finished a demo that was shown at several expos. But at the end of 2013, this self-funded effort was shelved in favor of programming contracts. Unexpectedly, the game was Greenlit less than a year later, triggering a complete rewrite of the engine as Ted sought creative collaborators. After numerous parents informed him their children wanted to play chess after finishing the demo, Chess Heroes shifted from a design experiment to a full-on "gateway drug to chess." In late 2015, with local contract artists making key contributions, development began in earnest. The game is slated to launch a Kickstarter campaign on September 1, 2016, with one of their stretch goals being able to make it free to schools in 2017.


  • Injects modern game design motifs into the classic game of chess
  • Rendered in a chunky, colorful style that is appealing to all ages
  • Uses animated chess pieces to bring a chess kingdom to life
  • Tells a simple story through a series of narrated, animated vignettes
  • Features a beautiful, original soundtrack of classic guitar music
  • Makes chess as fun to learn as it is to play with another person
  • Aims to be free for schools in 2017


Trailer YouTube

Demo Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "You Guys, We Need To Apply For Expos That Give Awards" Captain Obvious

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The Incredible Academic Benefits of Playing Chess
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Oreganik, LLC is a digital game studio and consultancy based out of Eugene, Oregon.

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Chess Heroes Credits

Ted Brown
Project Director + Programmer + Animator

Leif Holt
Environment Artist, Freelancer

Xu Peng
Character Artist, Freelancer

Brian Gilmore
Game Designer, Freelancer

Corey Jackson
Musician, Freelancer

Michael McCarthy
Musician, Freelancer

Michael Jones
Sound Designer, Freelancer

Jessica Bobrowski
Graphic Designer

Don Greep
Studio Manager

Magdalen Rose
Social Media Director, Freelancer

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